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(Artemis Data Book Overview and Table of Contents)
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== '''Artemis Data Book''' ==

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The Artemis Data Book was an attempt to collect and organize all the technical and program information we need to establish a permanent, self-supporting lunar community. The Data Book is organized into a hierachy of subsections which break down each topic into fine detail.

Each document in the Artemis Data Book identifies both its author and maintainer. Comments about the content of a document were originally sent to the author. While comments about the presentation of a document, including broken links, were sent to the maintainer.

One of the more popular technical essays, linked there by popular request to make it easy to find, explains processes for extracting
and metals from the lunar soil.

This was a controlled document, designed to be updated easily through the Artemis Society International Web Management System. For more information about maintenance of the Artemis Data Book and the Web Management System, refer to section 9 Electronic

Table of Contents

      1. Artemis Project Overview
      2. Scenarios for Manned Space Development
      3. Business of the Artemis Project
      4. Reference Mission Development
      5. Mission Options
      6. Artemis Society International
      7. Artemis Society Local Chapters and Contacts
      8. Artemis Society Affiliate Organizations
      9. Electronic Communication
     10. Program Participants and Corporate Sponsors
     11. Current Space Flight
      A. Catalog
      B. Bibliography
      C. References
      D. Glossary
      E. Abbreviations
      F. Units of Measure and Conversion Factors
      G. List of Active Documents 
      H. Artemis Data Book Distribution List 
      I. Web Site Map 
      J. Frequently Asked Questions 
      K. Omnibus of Space Information on the Web 
      L. Room L (Members Only) 
      M. About the Moon 
      N. Mythology]