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Moon Colony

A moon colony is a proposed establishment of human settelements in or on the moon's surface. Habitation of lunar land boasts great economical and envioronmental advantages for Earth. Some include bountiful solar power, destroying overpopulation, and elements such as Helium-3 to drive a pending fusion economy.

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  • Due to the fact the Moon has low escape velocity, it would cost less to send material from Moon to space, or to Earth, rather than Earth to any space body
  • With current technology, there is a miniscule time lapse between Earth and the Moon communication-wise, meaning in a life threatening scenario, humans on Earth would have more time to address the problem and send evacuation craft to save colonists.
  • In the previous mentioned point, the Moon is only approx. 384,400 km. away from Earth, meaning a rescue force could come within days, that time projection growing smaller as technology progresses.
  • The moon's rotation is slow, meaning that a astronomical objects could be observed days at a time without them moving much or at all. The polar regions would be the most logical choice for telescopes, due to an even slower rotation due to location.
  • Gazing at the moon serves somewhat of a psychological benefit to stargazers