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crolletovi eldomtasitt noacchiva A wiki for planning to get back to the Moon.

"It's not only about Reference Mission Options but about how we will do EVERYTHING on the Moon.

"That covers metallurgy, materials science, mining and processing, development of settler enterprise business plans, exports, biospherics, agriculture, horticulture, possibly livestock, food processing, substitutions for paper, plastics, wood and other organics, art media and tools, health, sports, dance, spelunking or lavatube exploration, surface recreation, creation of export markets elsewhere in space, you name it.

"It covers everything life will involve for the pioneers. But with a lunar difference. That's a lot.

'We need an encyclopedia of new ideas of how to do the Moon from A to Z, and we don't need to limit it to entrepreneurs who may only be interested in A-C. On the other hand, the MoonWiki may reach those entrepreneurs interested in D-Z."

-- Peter Kokh, email, 2006 September 29