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This article is in need or review by additional sysops and editors of Lunarpedia. This article delves into some gray areas that are in need of policy decisions that require discussion.

Q: Is the main namespace the same thing as ""?

Short answer: NO

Long Answer:

MediaWiki wikis such as Lunarpedia break their content into namespaces.

Articles that lack a prefix used by a different namespace are all in the main namespace and in the public domain.

Each namespace has a corresponding talk page. While the status of these pages have not been clarified, you should consider anything you add to them as released to the public domain.

So an article on say ASI ADB written by you and intended for release into the public domain would go in (Wiki converts the spaces in titles to an underscore).

Other namespaces include:

Articles in this namespace are controlled by the GNU Free Document Licenseand are NOT public domain. As of this writing everything in the GFDL namespace has been imported from Wikipedia, and the GFDL namespace was proposed and created to facilitate imports from Wikipedia and other GFDL sources.

If you wanted to place an original article, say ASI ADB under this license for whatever reason, you would put it under .

CC Lunar:
Articles in this namespace are under the Creative Commons Attributive license and require attribution to Lunarpedia for use in other sources under its conditions.

To create an article on the ASI ADB in this namespace, it would go under

The CC_Lunar namespace was insisted upon during discussion and survived an approval vote when we setup the wiki. So far only one person has used it, and that was by mistake. As of this writing there are zero articles contained within it, and there has been discussion about removing it as an option.

Images are handled on an image by image basis. Each image description must specify the image's terms, whether they're released to the public domain, are held under some license such as GFDL or a Creative Commons variant, or are held with all rights reserved by a third party and may only be used in terms of fair use.

Most items in this namespace are probably public domain, but there are exceptions. Presently, this has been the namespace that items of dubious copyright status have been moved to for quarantine purposes. When in doubt, ask a sysop. Avoid adding copyrighted content to Lunarpedia:Sandbox. For the most part, genuine content article do not belong here.

As of this writing, there is currently nothing copyrightable in this namespace and it should probably stay that way.

While possibly most of the content in this namespace can be considered public domain, there are exceptions. Everything in this namespace needs to indicate its status in its <noinclude> section, especially GFDL content taken from Wikipedia.

This namespace is public domain, but much of what is in it isn't copyrightable anyway.

There has been no discussion as to the licensing of user pages, and that discussion is overdue.