The Moon Herself

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Apollo17 and rover

The Moon herself as a Presence in our Adventure

Sometimes a place can be just as strong a character in an adventure as any human or robot.

The Moon herself

Her names are Luna or Diana

  • She is the all encompassing presence in our adventure
  • She is such a vivid presence as to be a character
    • Just like New Zealand was a character in "The Lord of the Rings"
  • Luna / Diana is the goddess of the night
    • She is usually depicted as a young athletic woman
  • She is both deeply loved and deeply hated
  • No one can conquer her
    • The best you can do is live in peace with her
  • She wants:
    • Nothing
  • She is what she is and she is not what she is not

Things She is Not

  • She is not your friend
  • She is not your lover
    • People who make the mistake of thinking she is can die

The Moon as a person