Nitrous Oxide

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There are many oxidizers which can cause hazards.


On 26th July 2007 an explosion ocurred at the Scaled Compostes facility at Mojave Airport in California involving Nitrous Oxide[1] [2].

Fire/Explosion Hazards

Above 1200 F the N2O could explosively decompose at one atmosphere pressure.

"Decomposition to N2 and O2 will occur at a lower temperature (approximately 650dF), if oxides of silver, copper and nickel are present. Some of these oxides may result from soldering or brazing operations"[3].

However, different MSDS sheets say different things. The newer 2005 MSDS from Air Liquide says that explosive decomposition can occur at temperatures below 300 degc when under pressure[4].

Chemical/physical (Imported from Wikipedia)

At room temperature (20°C) the saturated vapour pressure is 58.5 bar, rising up to 72.45 bar at 36.4°C- the critical temperature. The pressure curve is thus unusually sensitive to temperature.[5]

Liquid nitrous oxide acts as a good solvent for many organic compounds; liquid mixtures and may form shock sensitive explosives.[citation needed]{{#if:||}}

As with many strong oxidisers, contamination of parts with fuels have been implicated in rocketry accidents, where small quantities of nitrous / fuel mixtures explode due to 'water hammer' like effects (sometimes called 'dieseling'- heating due to adiabatic compression of gases can reach decomposition temperatures).[6]

There have also been accidents where nitrous oxide decomposition in plumbing has led to the explosion of large tanks.[7]


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