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We might fail in a difficult problem

  • The questions brought out in this article relate to the possibility that humanity might not ever develop industrial capability outside of planet Earth. The political problem is getting enough people to agree on a strategy that actually works. If everyone agrees that chanting magic words in unison will bring about a space faring civilization, the task will still fail. Political organization is powerful but cannot change the laws of physics.
  • For the financial problem there is some hope. We could recognize that the thirty year maximum limit on expected return of investment required for anything to qualify as an investment applies only to individuals not to the whole human race. The effort could be organized as a public works project without the actual benefits being accounted in dollars. Better, we could accept that we will initially get only a low rate of return, but insist upon it. There is danger of the project being committed to too soon as well as to late. Too soon is before we have the capability to carry it out to finish a plan and the sufficient agreement on a workable plan, absorbing the information of required changes to the plan as we go. Too late is when resources on Earth are winding down below what is required to establish industry off of Earth. - Farred 16:08, 14 June 2013 (UTC)