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Picking the polar site

Last summer I worked with a team of high school students. We design a industrail park near the Moon's south pole. It was calle the Mount Malapert Research and Industrial Park and is the site for some of our stories

The polar site NASA chose is very similar to the Mount Malapert site. The Malapert site is about 125 kilometers Earthward from the South Pole. The Mount Malapert site is a much stronger candidate than NASA's Crater Shackleton site because of the following considerations:

  • It is much larger
    • The solar power zone is bigger and sunnier
    • The settlement area is bigger
    • The landing zone is bigger
    • The warm industrial zone is much bigger
    • The cold industrial zone is much bigger
  • The Earth view is much better

Only time will tell

--Jriley 15:06, 6 March 2007 (PST)