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There should be an article called Lunar Medicine and a Category called Medicine or Space Medicine.

Not encouraging spammers

Links to the organizations that employ them are what spammers are after. In the interest of discouraging spam I will remove links to Heart Rate Monitor Zone and find some other reference. - Farred 14:49, 8 May 2012 (UTC)

Changes in wording

I was unsure what was meant by some of the wording in the article. Do you think it is satisfactory as I have changed it or should it be improved? Sometimes I fail to see what is unclear in what I have written because I already know what I mean. Of course the article is just a stub yet but I would need to do some research to make it substantially more detailed. - Farred 16:48, 8 May 2012 (UTC)

Monitoring tools

Monitoring is becoming an area of development for quality control and statistical analysis. I work in a Data Center. ( I design the procedures of quality control. Event though I do not participate directly in the monitoring (We have technicians to do that). I have had experience working with the technicians. We monitor at least 10 thousand servers + 200 thousand others... I mean... Switches, routers,cameras, podiums... anything really...

I know that the moon will have a Data Center and will have many of the modern features of an integrated control system.

That is another topic though. There is already a vital-signs monitoring system within NASA. And it is very old. I am pretty sure that vital-sign monitoring was implemented before the Gemini program.

Yet, I think in the future I might write a Lunar Data Center article that could discuss the obvious advantages of having all the computing power on Earth... and just maintaining a Satellite link with the moon. Or an Article called Lunar IT Systems Architecture... The preceding was added by Jose Giraldez at 01:23 hours on 17 May 2012.

I look forward to seeing what you can write about a [[Lunar Data Center]]. The physical location of the center might be on Earth, but the purpose would be on the moon. Remote monitoring of vital signs could be helpful if a worker on Luna is wearing self contained isolated breathing apparatus while working in a nonbreathable atmosphere. Such a situation would be maintaining machinery and robots designed for use in lunar vacuum conditions which are made more cheaply by not making them to also able tolerate oxygenated high humidity environments. They could be maintained in a hydrogen environment or an argon environment by someone in a SCIBA suit. The gloves of the suit and the face plate would be nuisances, but not nearly the handicap of wearing a space suit. If a rescue would be needed, the rescuers would need to be on the moon, but the monitor could be on Earth and give the information of where rescue is needed.
I started a [[Category:Lunar Medicine]] instead of an article [[Lunar Medicine]] but I was inspired by your advice.
I am sure that NASA's vital-signs monitoring section is very old, but they probably have gotten two or three pieces of new equipment since the Gemini program days.
You write: "...just maintaining a Satellite link with the moon." but there could be a fixed antenna on Luna pointing to one of a network of fixed antennas on Earth and the antennas linked by cables (undersea cables on Earth) to the ultimate terminals.
I hope you are working for a good company. - Farred 06:24, 17 May 2012 (UTC)