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Strangelv says, "That would belong in Exoplatz, but we could probably set up the Lunarpedia and Marspedia mirrors easily enough with the same script"
Strangelv says, "know of any planet data sets that are public domain? Admittedly, I have'nt looked yet and need to not spend too much time on that today. I need to get myself, chair, sign holders, and Yvotte Schick signs into someone's car to spend too much energy printing things again"
You say, "ok, will put that on the list"
Strangelv says, "Actually, there's a lot more planets than just MVEMJSUNP"
You say, "actually P isn't a planet anymore, it got demoted"
Strangelv says, "The press releases say it's a dwarf planet. The text of the definition makes probabyl everything but Mercury a dwarf planet"
You say, "lol"
You say, "i thought they were clear enough that only a couple asteroids got promoted to dwarf planethood"
Strangelv says, "Jupiter is absolutely a dwarf planet. It has one of the least cleaned out orbits of all"
Rose/Miros blinks
You say, "i thought it cleared out its orbit and put the crud into orbit around itslef, so it doesn't count any more"
Strangelv says, "There's an entire well-populated class of asteroids that occupy Jupiter's orbit"
Strangelv says, "Got a name just for them"
Strangelv says, "CAn't remember it off of the top of my head"
You say, "asteroids running like heck so jupiter doesn't catch them"
Strangelv says, "Neputune absolutely is a dwarf planet -- if for no other reason than it hasn't cleared Pluto-Charon out of its orbit"
Rose/Miros is planning to past this into Category:Planet discussion
Strangelv says, "Earth has asteroids in its orbit"
You say, "give it another billion years, pluto and charon will both be moons of neptune"
Strangelv says, "The provisional definition made a lot more sense"
Strangelv says, "You could also easily have a system with more than one gas giant in the same orbit"
Strangelv says, "That's a function of distance from teh star more than anything else"
You say, "or the second largest object in the solar system could be about 10 times as big and actually spontaneously light itself up"
Strangelv says, "That's a different type of dwarf. 8)"
Strangelv says, "Do you mean the one that appears to be about a rlight year out orbiting in the opposite direction as everything else?"
You say, "no, the one with the red spot"
You say, "10x bigger would give it minor fusion"
You say, "if neptune needs to clear pluto-charon, doesn't that put pluto-charon in the class of objects named "run like heck or become satellites"?"
You say, "ok, you stopped answering, i'll paste now" Rose/Miros 17:15, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

Is "Trojan" the run like heck word that you've been looking for? - Jarogers2001 07:55, 3 November 2008 (UTC)