Cow Jumped over the Moon

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  • The entire affair is a misunderstanding. A cow in a pen being held for transportation on the railroad became agitated because of all of the noise the other cattle were making. It jumped over a fence. It was duly reported that a cow jumped over the Moo'n'.[1] Ever since people have believed that a cow beat the astronauts to glory.
  • Why is the moon like a dollar? Because it has four quarters.
  • When is a moonbuggy not a moonbuggy? When it turns into an airlock.
  • There was a young couple that wanted to spend their first anniversary celebrating on the moon. They went to see a travel agent who asked them the date of their anniversary. He looked in his almanac then he said to the couple, "I am sorry, I cannot book a holiday on the moon for you for that date because on that date the moon is full."


1. You know it is so because my cousin told me and he heard it from his brother-in-law's barber.