From the Earth to the Moon

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"From the Earth to the Moon", an HBO 12-part mini-series covering the history of the US space program, produced in 1998, directed by Michael Grossman and executive produced by Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer.

{Content pending copyright permission from HBO}

Part 1, Can We Do This?

Part 2, Apollo 1

Part 3, We Have Cleared the Tower

Part 4, 1968

Part 5, Spider

Part 6, Mare Tranquilitatis

Part 7, That's All There Is

Part 8, We Interrupt This Program

Part 9, For Miles & Miles

Part 10, Galileo Was Right

Part 11, The Original Wives Club

Part 12, Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Disc 4, Contents

  • Features
HBO "First Look"
Special Effects
A Virtual Tour of the Solar System
3D Models of the Ships
Mission Objectives
Kennedy's Speech
Time-Line of the Space Missions
The History of the Moon
  • TV Spots
"Destination Moon"
"Generic Series Sell"
"Cosmic Wonder"
"Take the Kids"
"Rocket Science"
"The Pitch"
"Directed by Sally Field"
"Hope I See You Again"
  • The ROM Side of the Moon
HBO Docking Station
Future of Space Travel
Out of this Solar System
Kennedy's Speech
Panoramic QTVR
Famous Astronomers
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(See full article Le Voyage Dans La Lune)

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