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This is a list of maria (singular mare) on the Moon.

It also includes the one oceanus and the features known by the names lacus, palus and sinus.

Maria and Oceanus

Lunar Maria
Latin Name English Name Lat. Long. Diameter
Mare Anguis Serpent Sea 22.6° N 67.7° E 150 km
Mare Australe Southern Sea 38.9° S 93.0° E 603 km
Mare Cognitum Sea That Has Become Known or Known Sea 10.0° S 23.1° W 376 km
Mare Crisium Sea of Crises 17.0° N 59.1° E 418 km
Mare Fecunditatis Sea of Fertility 7.8° S 51.3° E 909 km
Mare Frigoris Sea of Cold 56.0° N 1.4° E 1596 km
Mare Humboldtianum Sea of Alexander von Humboldt 56.8° N 81.5° E 273 km
Mare Humorum Sea of Moisture 24.4° S 38.6° W 389 km
Mare Imbrium Sea of Showers or Sea of Rains 32.8° N 15.6° W 1123 km
Mare Ingenii Sea of Ingenuity 33.7° S 163.5° E 318 km
Mare Insularum Sea of Islands 7.5° N 30.9° W 513 km
Mare Marginis Sea of the Edge 13.3° N 86.1° E 420 km
Mare Moscoviense Sea of Muscovy 27.3° N 147.9° E 277 km
Mare Nectaris Sea of Nectar 15.2° S 35.5° E 333 km
Mare Nubium Sea of Clouds 21.3° S 16.6° W 715 km
Mare Orientale Eastern Sea 19.4° S 92.8° W 327 km
Mare Serenitatis Sea of Serenity 28.0° N 17.5° E 707 km
Mare Smythii Sea of William Henry Smyth 1.3° N 87.5° E 373 km
Mare Spumans Foaming Sea 1.1° N 65.1° E 139 km
Mare Tranquillitatis Sea of Tranquility 8.5° N 31.4° E 873 km
Mare Undarum Sea of Waves 6.8° N 68.4° E 243 km
Mare Vaporum Sea of Vapors 13.3° N 3.6° E 245 km
Oceanus Procellarum Ocean of Storms 18.4° N 57.4° W 2568 km

There was also a region on the Lunar farside that was briefly misidentified as a mare and named Mare Desiderii (Sea of Dreams). It is no longer recognized. Other former maria include:

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Sinus and Paludes

A related set of features are the sinus (singular sinus, Latin for "bay") and paludes (singular palus, Latin for "marsh"):

Lunar Sinus and Paludes
Latin Name English Name Lat. Long. Diameter
Palus Epidemiarum Marsh of Epidemics 32.0° S 28.2° W 286 km
Palus Putredinis Marsh of Rot 26.5° N 0.4° E 161 km
Palus Somni Marsh of Sleep 14.1° N 45.0° E 143 km
Sinus Aestuum Seething Bay 10.9° N 8.8° W 290 km
Sinus Amoris Bay of Love 18.1° N 39.1° E 130 km
Sinus Asperitatis Bay of Roughness 3.8° S 27.4° E 206 km
Sinus Concordiae Bay of Harmony 10.8° N 43.2° E 142 km
Sinus Fidei Bay of Trust 18.0° N 2.0° E 70 km
Sinus Honoris Bay of Honor 11.7° N 18.1° E 109 km
Sinus Iridum Bay of Rainbows 44.1° N 31.5° W 236 km
Sinus Lunicus Lunik Bay 31.8° N 1.4° W 126 km
Sinus Medii Bay of the center 2.4° N 1.7° E 335 km
Sinus Roris Bay of Dew 54.0° N 56.6° W 202 km
Sinus Successus Bay of Success 0.9° N 59.0° E 132 km

Some sources also list a Palus Nebularum ("Marsh of Mists") at 38.0° N, 1.0° E. However the designation for this feature has not been officially recognized by the IAU.


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