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Heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) will need to be provided on Luna for lunar colonists.

There is a reason that industrial development should first be done by remote control devices until there is a sufficient industrial base to use for this requirement and other life support requirements. If life support requirements need to be provided first for the workers who will build the life support facilities there is viscious cycle of additional expensive requirements before a conlony can be established. Just consider the problems that need to be solved for building HVAC systems on Earth, and keep in mind that the problem on Luna is much more difficult.

The HVAC problem on Earth

Hvac 3636.jpg

All heating, ventilation plus air conditioning (HVAC) duct systems obtain basically the same characteristics; a plenum connects the air conditioning unit to some trunk line also branch lines connect the trunk line to the diffusers from every room. On simple duct systems, the branch lines connect directly to the plenum. The branch lines, many times made from flex duct, use any metal collar to connect to the trunk line. The collars make a solid air-tight seal. Dampers installed in collars can balance the air flow through the channel system.

Difficulty: Moderate Instructions

Things You'll Need:

Channel knife

Duct sealing mastic



Flat screwdriver

Tin snips

Installing Spin-On Collars on Fiberglass Duct Board

1 Place the collar against the trunk line or plenum. Make use of any marker to find the outside about the collar.

2 Operate any duct knife to reduce the duct panel along the circle. Remove the cutout circle.

3 Produce a 1-inch slice inside the exterior foil on the duct board.

5 Twist the collar clockwise until the spin-on blade has completely penetrated the internal of the duct panel.

6 Seal the collar for duct sealing mastic. Use a brush to apply a coat completely around the outdoor of the relationship.

Installing Spin-On Collars in Sheet Metal Duct

1 Place the collar against the duct. Use a marker to trace the external of the collar.

2 Place the sharpened edge of any flat screwdriver against the duct 1-inch within of the circle edge. Arrive at the screwdriver together with a hammer until the sheet metal has a 1-inch cut. This slice must go towards the center to avoid damaging the metal under the circle.

3 Place the blade about a set of tin snips on the slice. Cut out the circle.

4 Make a 1/4-inch notch in the channel with tin snips.

5 Place the spin-on collar lip against the notch in the duct. Spin the collar clockwise one full turn.

6 Seal the collar to the duct together with duct sealing mastic. Use some clean to apply the mastic.

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