Hadley Rille

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A photo of Hadley Rille taken by the Apollo 15 Mapping Camera on the Endeavor CSM. The Lunar Module is located near the center between Hadley Rille and Mons Hadley. Photo Credit: NASA

Also known as Rima Hadley, this rille is located within Mare Imbrium and is near the location of the Apollo 15 moon landing in an area called the Marsh of Decay (Palus Putredinus). Named for Mons Hadley, which is in turn named for John Hadley, Hadley rille begins at Béla crater and follows a generally northeast course towards Mons Hadley. It is centered at the selenological coordinates 25.0° N, 3.0° E.

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The ejecta blanket of the more recent crater Hadley C interrupts the course of the rille. Photo credit: NASA
A section of panoramic image showing Hadley Rille and the Apollo 15 landing site. The landing site may be located via the white patch of disturbed regolith in the lower left corner of the image. Photo credit: NASA.