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Articles controlled by the GNU FDL should be imported with full revision histories to the GFDL: namespace. For example, the [[Crater chain]] article from Wikipedia would need to be implemented as [[GFDL:Crater chain]] here. A tutorial is now available.
Articles meant to require attribution to Lunarpedia.org under the terms of Creative Commons must be placed in the CC_Lunar: namespace (for example, [[CC Lunar:Crater chain]]

Welcome to Lunarpedia!

Lunarpedia's mission is to cover everything we will need to know how to do on Luna to set up colonies, as well as related efforts, designs, and business models that may eventually lead there. Construction is underway and you can help!

New Users Start Here!

  • Click here to create your account -- or else donate your content anonymously.
  • You can click on your user name and create a page to tell us about yourself.
  • If you have questions or comments about any page then click on the "discussion" tab and type in the edit box. Make sure to sign the text with a row of four tilda (~) characters

How to layout your pages

Both these files are best saved to your hard drive and also printed. Right click and "Save Link As" to do that. Or, if you have the plugins installed you can just click and view in your browser. But please don't forget to come back here afterwards :-)

Signing your comments

When you add comments to User_talk pages, please sign using <br>-- ~~~~, this automatically adds your signature and a time and date stamp in UTC like so:
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Anonymous users (those not logged in) should also sign with some sort of ID, like for instance <br>-- JoeBloggs ~~~~~ which would result in something like the following:
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Categories of interest:

  • Category:Agriculture -- Agriculture on the moon and elsewhere
  • Category:Apollo -- The Apollo Program
  • Category:Business -- How to set up a space business or an entire network of businesses
  • Category:Chemistry -- Chemical reactions and composition of lunar resources
  • Category:Components -- What you can expect to find to be able to put something together with, and what may be in the works
  • Category:Help -- Help
  • Category:Hardware Plans -- From how to build a cheap space telescope you can stick on a shared Dnepr launch, to O'Neil Colonies
  • Category:Life Support -- Life Support master category, sub categories should go in here. Most of these sub categories will eventually be listed as main categories also.
  • Category:Locations -- Mare Crisium, Mare Anguis, Tranquility Base, etc. Note that location and sector articles are planned to be added in bulk by an automated script that is in development. Any contributions to these topics will be replaced by an automatically generated article stub.
  • Category:Missions -- This category covers historical missions, from the early Ranger and Lunar missions, through Apollo, and covering recent missions such as SMART.
  • Category:Mission Plans -- Possible future missions from potentially affordable ones to multibillion dollar exodi
  • Category:Organizations -- Organizations which support lunar or space colonization.
  • Category:People -- Who is whom, was whom, or could be and why
  • Category:Physics -- The equations and other requirements
  • Category:Selenology -- Lunar geology, composition, features of interest
  • Category:Transportation -- Transportation to, from, in, on, or over Luna. (Orbital, suborbital, surface or subsurface)
  • Category:Urban Planning -- Urban planning on Luna, with special regard to closed environments. Some subcategories will also fit under other primary categories such as Life Support and Transportation
  • Category:Vendors -- Companies you can or may eventually buy components from

You Can Help!

  • Find an identified needed article with a red link, click here for a list of missing but linked to articles, or create your article by typing in the topic name in the URL (such as http://www.lunarpedia.org/index.php?title=articlename.)
  • Refine an article stub into something more complete.
  • Or simply tidy up an article in this category.
  • An offsite guide to Wiki formatting can be found Here.
  • Our List of Lists contains links to lists of needed articles and needed lists of such articles.

Differences versus Wikipedia

There are several differences between Lunarpedia and Wikipedia in both policy and Wiki software capability.

Lunarpedia Policies

NASA Images: NASA still images, audio files and video generally are not copyrighted. You may use NASA imagery, video and audio material for educational or informational purposes, including photo collections, textbooks, public exhibits and Internet Web pages. This general permission extends to personal Web pages.
This general permission does not extend to use of the NASA insignia logo (the blue "meatball" insignia), the retired NASA logotype (the red "worm" logo) and the NASA seal. These images may not be used by persons who are not NASA employees or on products (including Web pages) that are not NASA sponsored.

Original Work is Allowed

We are more open to material types than Wikipedia, and less interested in deleting material. Specifically, Wikipedia enforces a rule that all entries must NOT be "original work". That rule does not apply for Lunarpedia, we are very happy for you to post original work, provided it is not copyright. Therefore there is not so much duplication between Lunarpedia and Wikipedia as you might expect. For example, the Lunarpedia page on Solar Power Satellites contains interesting material which under Wikipedia rules would be deleted because it is "original work".

Note: Once "original work" has been published on Lunarpedia, then anybody could put on Wikipedia a link to the Lunarpedia article, and that might be OK for Wikipedia as it would no longer be original work, and references are usually accepted over there. For those cases where you want to reference it elsewhere, we could arrange for it to become read-only protected.

No Need to be Notable

Wikipedia enforces a requirement that all articles about people or organizations must demonstrate why the subject is "notable". There is no such requirement on Lunarpedia, although there is a general expectation that it should somehow be related to Lunar Development.

No Need to be Neutral

You can advocate positions, but expect to be challenged. Conversely, do not just delete material you do not agree with, but feel free to add a rebuttal.

If you do advocate positions, please do so in a manner that makes it obvious that it is your personal position and not that of Lunarpedia as a whole.

This article reflects the personal position of Mdelaney

Commercial Links are OK

It is perfectly fine to highlight products or services, including both your own and those of other persons or companies. Just make sure it is relevant.

Software Capabilities

Lunarpedia uses the latest stable version of Mediawiki, so in many respects it is very similar to Wikipedia. At the time of writing this, we were running version 1.9.3 while 1.10 was the unreleased development version.


Interwiki is now supported between Marspedia and it's sister sites Lunarpedia and ExoDictionary.
To use interwiki you just use tags like
[[exd:Sandbox]], [[lunarp:Sandbox]] and [[marsp:Sandbox]]. These would take you to
exd:Sandbox, lunarp:Sandbox and marsp:Sandbox respectively.

Other examples would be: [[exd:Azimuth]], [[lunarp:Carbon economy]] and [[marsp:Mars Express]]. These would take you to
exd:Azimuth, lunarp:Carbon economy and marsp:Mars Express respectively.

The interwiki prefixes on the other sites are identical.

Installed Extensions we admit to

  • CategoryTree
  • Cite
  • ImageMap
  • MathStatFunctions
  • ParserFunctions
  • SpamBlacklist - Should we admit to having this or will that only encourage the idots to waste their time and sometimes ours
  • Spellcheck
  • articletocategory
  • create
  • inputbox

We recently added the footnote capability to Lunarpedia, so that is now the same.

Other differences:

  • Wikipedia has some cool citation templates which we might add
  • Wikipedia reflist template is not available i.e. Template:Reflist
  • the Wikipedia [citation needed] template is not available: [citation needed]{{#if:||}}.

Extensions in the pipeline (maybe):

  • Graphviz
  • TeX Editor (This is really nice but we had to disable it as there seemed to be a security issue with it)
  • WikiTeX (Will take quite some time to install, has a plethora of dependencies)