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(Should we drop the ISS into the Pacific?)
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Discuss: Should we drop the International Space Station in the Pacific?

Controversial Question:

Should we now stop the massive expense of completing the International Space Station (ISS) and deorbit it into the Pacific?

Pro: Keep the ISS:

It is our best laboratory for learning to live and work in space. It can be an important safety station on our way to the Moon (see Orbits).

Con: Loose the ISS:

The ISS is in the wrong orbit to be of much help in going to the Moon. Living and working in zero-g in low Earth orbit is very different from living and working on the Moon. The expense of this program is ruinous.

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The purpose of these controversial questions is not to come to finial answers or even to reach consensuses. It is simply to explore the breath of opinion in the Lunarpedia community.