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* [[Astrium]]
* [[Boeing]]
* [[EADS]]
* [[JAXA]]
[[Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development]]
* [[Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development]]
[[Lockheed Martin]]
* [[Lockheed Martin]]
* [[Lunar Analogue]]
[[Pacific International Space Alliance]]
* [[NASA]]
* [[Pacific International Space Alliance]]
[[Team FREDNET]]
* [[PISCES]]
[[Space Tourism Society]]
* [[Team FREDNET]]
[[Lunar Analogue]]
* [[Space Tourism Society]]

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The International Lunar Research Park (ILRP) is a joint project of the University of Hawaii-Hilo's PISCES program and the Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development. It is supported in part by the Pacific International Space Alliance (PISA, formerly JUSTSAP) and by organizations including Astrium, Boeing, JAXA, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Team FREDNET, the Space Tourism Society and many others.


The goal of the International Lunar Research Park is to develop an earth-based lunar analogue site as a precursor to a robotic lunar settlement within the 2015-2024 timeframe. The lunar analogue site will serve as a proving ground and testbed for future lunar systems. In the longer term, the robotic ILRP will serve as a precursor for future human settlements, a lunar research park, and lunar university.