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The Lunar National Agriculture Experiment Corporation is a research and development effort focused on lunar agriculture and methods to make it both feasible and more productive. The focus of the project revolves around the reduction of agricultural power consumption using innovative lighting techniques, the conversion and use of in-situ materials as an expandable growing medium, and ensuring the survival of agricultural plants during the two-week lunar night when energy for generating heat and light will be difficult to come by.

LUNAX began as a spin-off effort of the Lunar Reclamation Society which serves as the Milwaukee, WI chapter of the NSS and Moon Society. LUNAX is currently active, although the website has not been updated in some time.

Areas of project interest revolve around:

  • Hydroponics and aquaculture
  • Advanced, high-efficiency lighting methods
  • Adapting lunar regolith as an agricultural medium
  • Pyrogenic carbon as a nutrient reservoir
  • Growth at high altitude/low pressures
  • Suspending growth for two weeks via reduced lighting and temperature

Until a proper forum is set up or a designated area on another forum can be allocated, LUNAX discussions may take place here.

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