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The High Frontier, Third Edition by Gerard K. O'Neill (2000) (ISBN 0962237906)

NASA TM-2004-212743 - "Reinventing the Solar Power Satellite" and "Peak Power Markets for Satellite Solar Power" from the Houston IAF Congress. Author: "Geoffrey A. Landis"

Apollo 13: Lost Moon. by Jim Lovell. Pocket, 1995. (ISBN 0671534645)

Atlas of the Moon, Revised Edition by Antonin Rukl (2004) (ISBN 1931559074)

Evolution's Child, Republic of Luna, Fiction by Charles Lee Lesher (2007) (ISBN 097772350X)

America's Hangar: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum by Staff of National Air and Space Museum Paperback 71 0974511307 Release: Jan 2003

American Space Digest by Paperback 64 Release: Dec 1963

Apollo 13 : Lost Moon by Jim Lovell Mass Paperback 418 0671534645 Release: Jul 1995 $7.99

Apollo 17: The NASA Mission Reports Volume One by Robert Godwin Paperback 239 1896522599 Release: Nov 2002 $19.95

Apollo At Go by Jeff Sutton Hardcover 183 Release: Dec 1963 $1.20

Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys by Michael Collins Mass Paperback 494 0345245601 Release: Aug 1975 $1.95

Colonies in Space: Take An Expedition to Dream Cities in the Stars by T. A. Heppenheimer Mass Paperback 321 9780446815819 Release: Jan 1978 $2.50

Comets: Creators and Destroyers by David H. Levy Paperback 256 0684852551 Release: May 1998 $16.95

Designing for Human Presence in Space by Paperback 348 Release: Dec 1994

Dragonfly: NASA And The Crisis Aboard Mir by Bryan Burrough Hardcover 528 0887307833 Release: Dec 1998 $26.95

Dyna-Soar : Hypersonic Strategic Weapons System: Apogee Books Space Series 35 (Apogee Books Space Series) by Robert Godwin Paperback 464 1896522955 Release: Jul 2003 $32.95

ELV Payload Environment by NASA Hardcover 408 Release:

First on the Moon: A Voyage With Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins [And] Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. by Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. Hardcover 511 Release: Jun 1970 $11.95

Fly Me to the Moon and Other Stories by Marianne J. Dyson Kindle 92 Release: Sep 2015 $0.99

Habitable Planets for Man by Stephen H. Dole PDF 160 Release:

Halfway to Anywhere: The Coming Age of Commercial Space by G. Harry Stine Hardcover 304 0871318059 Release: Jan 1996 $21.95

High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space by Gerard O'Neill Paperback 346 0962237906 Release: May 1989 $9.95

Interstellar Migration and the Human Experience by Ben R. Finney, Eric M. Jones Hardcover 354 0520053494 Release: Aug 1985 $39.95

Interstellar Travel & Multi-Generational Space Ships: Apogee Books Space Series 34 by Yoji Kondo, Frederick C. Bruhweiler, John Moore, Charles Sheffield Hardcover 128 18965229998 Release: Jun 2003 $24.95

John Glenn: A Memoir by John Glenn, Nick Taylor Paperback 0553581570 Release: Oct 2000 $7.99

Jupiter: The Largest Planet by Isaac Asimov Hardcover 224 9780688400446 Release: Apr 1973 $5.95

Life Among the Asteroids by Jerry Pournelle, John F. Carr Mass Paperback 273 0441482325 Release: Oct 1992 $4.99

Life as We Do Not Know It: The NASA Search for by Peter Ward Hardcover 292 0670034584 Release: Nov 2005 $25.95

"Live from Cape Canaveral": Covering the Space Race, from Sputnik to Today by Jay Barbree Hardcover 321 9780061233920 Release: Sep 2007 $26.95

Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century by W. W. Mendell Paperback 865 9780942862027 Release: Jan 1986 $15.00

Man into Orbit by Joseph N Bell Mass Paperback 126 B0007EF3WO Release: Feb 1960 .50

A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts by Andrew Chaikin Paperback 670 0140097066 Release: May 1995 $15.95

Men from Earth by Buzz Aldrin Hardcover 312 0553053744 Release: Jun 1989 $19.95

Mission to Mars by Michael Collins Hardcover 307 0802111602 Release: Nov 1990 $22.50

Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon by Alan Shepard, Deke Slayton Paperback 383 1570361673 Release: Mar 1995 $12.95

Moonrush : Improving Life on Earth with the Moon's Resources by Dennis Wingo Paperback 260 1894959108 Release: Jul 2004 $24.95

Red giants and white dwarfs;: The evolution of stars, planets, and life by Robert Jastrow Hardcover B0006BO9H8 Release: Feb 1967

Return to Earth by Edwin E Aldrin Mass Paperback 342 Release: Oct 1974 1.75

Return to the Moon II: Proceedings of the 2000 Lunar Development Conference by NASA Hardcover 305 0970127804 Release: Jul 2000

Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe Mass Paperback 368 0553240633 Release: Sep 1983 $3.95

Rocket Boys by Homer H. Hickam, Jr. Paperback 368 0385333218 Release: Jan 2000 $14.00

The Rocket Team by Frederick I. Ordway III, Mitchell Sharpe Paperback 328 9781894959827 Release: Sep 2008 $25.00

Rockets Through Space by Lester Del Rey Mass Paperback 192 Release: Sep 1960 $.50

Schirra's Space by Walter M. Schirra, Richard N. Billings Hardcover 227 1557700346 Release: May 1989 $16.95

Space Exploration by J. K. Davies Paperback 275 0550170138 Release: Apr 1992 $9.95

Space Trivia by William Pogue Paperback 160 189652298X Release: May 2003 $19.95

Spaceship Handbook by Jack Hagerty, Jon C. Rogers Hardcover 097076040X Release: Oct 2001 $59.95

Spaceships : an illustrated history of the real and the imagined by Ron Miller Hardcover 256 9781588345776 Release: Jan 2016 $34.95

Target Earth!: Asteroid Collisions Past and Future by Jon Erickson Hardcover 176 0830686738 Release: Apr 1991 $23.95

The Third Industrial Revolution by G. Harry Stine Mass Paperback 234 0441806643 Release: May 1979 $2.25

We Reach the Moon; the New York times story of man's greatest adventure by John Noble Wilford Mass Paperback 332 B00005X54B Release: Feb 1969 1.25

What If the Moon Didn't Exist?: Voyages to Earths That Might Have Been by Neil F. Comins Paperback 315 0060925566 Release: Jan 1995 $13.50