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==Lunar Industry==
==Lunar Industry==

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Lunar Industry

Modular Factories from Earth

Building & Manufacturing Materials

Habitat & Connector Modules

Outfitting Products

Agricultural & Horticultural Products

Arts & Crafts

Industrial Diversification Strategies

The MUS/cle guide to industrial priorities
Lunar-Appropriate Industrial Design
Industrial Prerequisites Outline

Building & Manufacturing materials

Habitat expansion modules
Interior Building Systems
Furniture & Furnishings
Fabrics & Apparel
Food Processing
Utility Systems
Power Generation & Storage Systems
Transportation components

Cottage Industries

Custom finishing of Unfinished Manufactured Items
Horticulture-based products
Farm Products Packaging
Farm Products Processing
Arts & crafts items from home-safe materials and media
Recycling Based Products
Home Services: Home Decorating, Home Cleaning; Gardening