Lunar Financial Institutions

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Lunar Financial Institutions: at what point will we be ready for them?

What solutions from Earth are naturally appropriate and which are artifacts of political and regulatory situations we don't need to bring with us?

What is our monetary model?

Main article: Monetary Models


Direct Fiat Currency -- Money with no backing. With proper management, such as in the US Colonies circa 1760, this can work quite well. With poor management or pressure to keep printing notes, it can be a complete disaster.

Central Bank Fiat Currency -- in this model, a private or semi-private central bank loans money it creates to a central government. This is the main system used on Earth.

Tally Sticks -- A pair of matching artifacts are created, one is kept by the central authority and the other is circulated. Authentication is performed by matching the items. This system was used by England for a large part of the second millenium.


Precious Metal Currencies -- Usually Gold and Silver

Essential Element currencies -- Some have proposed using Carbon, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen as the basis for a monetary system

What are we borrowing for?

Cottage industry


Lending Models