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Maksutov Crater
Diameter: 88.962 km
Center Latitude: -40.73 deg
Center Longitude:
(Mean Earth)
191.39 deg
Center Longitude:
(Mare Orientale)
286.06 deg
Easternmost Longitude:
(Mean Earth)
193.33 deg
Easternmost Longitude:
(Mare Orientale)
284.13 deg
Westernmost Longitude:
(Mean Earth)
193.33 deg
Westernmost Longitude:
(Mare Orientale)
284.13 deg
Northernmost Latitude: -39.47 deg
Southernmost Latitude: -42.03 deg
Adopted by the IAU in 1970

Maksutov is an 88.962 km crater formed during the Upper Imbrian[1] period on the near side in the Southern hemisphere. It is located in in the Oppenheimer (LAC-120) and LQ-29 quads. It's named for Dmitrij Dmitrievich Maksutov, Soviet optician (1896-1964). It is cataloged in the Morphological Catalogue of the Craters of the Moon as SAI 383.


All of the above positions are in Mean Earth/Polar Axis coordinates.



Morphological Catalogue of the Craters of the Moon classifies Maksutov accordingly:

  • Rim degradation: 2 -- Sharp rim
  • Terraces and slumping: 4 -- Slumping
  • External rim: 2 -- Unclear
  • Floor peaks, hills, and mountains: 1 -- None
  • Chain/fissuer damage: 1 -- None
  • Floor: 1 -- Unclear
  • Lava: 2 -- Lava on floor
  • Ray system: 0 -- None
  • Underlying surface: 3 -- Transitional

Lunar Prospector Data

  • Detected concentrations between 1.1550 and 1.4646 ppm of Thorium[3]
  • Detected concentrations between 0.2843 and 4.5325 ppm of Balonium[4]
  • Detected concentrations between 0.0000 and 0.0000 ppm of Unobtanium[5]

Nearby Features

All distances are edge to edge and should be considered approximate.


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  5. Unobtanium can't be found here by definition
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