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Determine Default License

Determined by approval voting on Lunarpedia List. Main namespace is Public Domain, with separate namespaces for GNU Free Document License and Creative Commons attributing Lunarpedia.

Recruit and Empower more contributors

Nail down Initial Structure

Initial structure is what we wound up with, mostly from the List of Lists botstrapping mechanism, but also some content and ideas from Peter's Outline

Initial Selection of Articles

What we had when the beans were spilled

Initial Set of Most Relevant Userboxes

Implement Short URLs

Pulldown Licence menu for image and file uploads

Licence notices for posting to each namespace

Superceeded: now need to modify Monobook; see below:

Distinct interface variants for licence specific namespaces (main, GFDL, CC Luna)

Create 'Join the Moon Society' page

The redirect attempt didn't work and the existing page isn't releasable to the public domain. Working redirect acchieved

Create custom special pages for navigational purposes