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The Moon Society, an offshoot of the Artemis Society International, is a non-profit educational and scientific foundation formed to further scientific study and development of the moon. The objectives of the society shall be, but are not limited to:

-The creation of a space-faring civilization which will establish communities on the Moon; promotion of large-scale industrialization and private enterprise on the Moon;
-The promotion of interest in the exploration, research, development, and habitation of the Moon, through the media of conferences, the press, library and museum exhibits, and other literary and educational means;
-The support, by funding or otherwise, of scholarships, libraries, museums and other means of encouraging the study of the Moon and related technologies;
-The stimulation of the advancement and development of applications of space and related technologies and encouragement of entrepreneurial development thereof;
-The bringing together of persons from government, industry, educational institutions, the press, and other walks of life for the exchange of information about the Moon;
-Promoting collaboration between various societies and groups interested in developing and utilizing the Moon.
-Informing the public at large on matters related to the Moon; and
-The provision of suitable recognition and honor to individuals and organizations which have contributed to the advancement of the exploration, research, development, and habitation of the Moon, as well as scientific and technological developments related thereto.