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This is a branding standard that hearkens back to what we have used historically, while tying all colors to official Pantone Coated sRGB values and providing freely redistributable fonts for all typefaces.

The intended audience for this page is normal people and graphic artists who will be creating simple web pages, print ads, and other rendered art. If you are a CSS developer, you may find Moon Society 2019 Branding Font Stacks of interest. Do not use fonts from low in the stacks for "normal" branding work.


Cool Gray 2C
  1. D0D0CE
Cool Gray 5C
  1. B1B3B3
Cool Gray 8C
  1. 888B8D
Cool Gray 11C
  1. 53565A
433C (near-black gray)
  1. 1D252D
  1. 000000
310C (proposed)
  1. 6AD1E3
Cyan to Cerlulean; lighter than MMM Cerulean
299C (saturated cerulean)
  1. 00A3E0
Closest Pantone match to MMM's historical cerulean
7691C (blue)
  1. 006298
Between Space Cadet Blue and MMM Cerulean
2767C (Space Cadet Blue)
  1. 13294B
Best Pantone match for Space Cadet Blue; also hearkens back to the later WSD (2003-2013) website background
113C (light gold)
  1. FAE053
250 244 83
hearkens back to Coriolis (2013-2018) website details
116C (medium gold)
  1. FFCD00
255 205 0
hearkens back to Coriolis (2013-2018) website details
7555C (dark gold)
  1. D29F13
210 159 19
hearkens back to Coriolis (2013-2018) website details
7558C (brownish gold)
  1. 967126
150 113 38
hearkens back to Coriolis (2013-2018) website details
Warm Gray 1C
  1. D7D2CB
215 210 203
Warm Gray 7C
  1. 968C83
150 140 131
411C (grayish brown)
  1. 5E514D
94 81 77
412C (brown)
  1. 382F2D
56 47 45
663C (pinkish off-white)
  1. E5E1E6
229 225 230
435C (chaise mauve)
  1. C1B2B6
193 178 182
437C (lavender)
  1. 7B6469
123 100 105
439C (dark cherry)
  1. 453536
69 53 54


  • General purpose serif and possibly logo/title: Palatino/Palladio, with Tex Gyre Pagella as a FOSS and redistributable implementation. It hearkens back to 1990s ASI and Artemis Project branding.
  • Headings and Headlines: Spartan, with Spartan MB as a FOSS redistributable implementation. The League Spartan implementation has been used with MMM. This typeface hearkens back to Gizmo and should compliment it when we have a font.
  • MMM Headlines and decorative headlines: Gizmo. Will probably be only one font (Lunar Gizmo?), whose development is a pending action item. The proprietary original font appears to be impossible to legitimately acquire, unfortunately.
  • Body text and general purpose sans serif: Noto Sans, which hearkens to Verdana, which was used both on websites and in MMM.
  • Monospace: Inconsolata, which has two FOSS fonts and was used on our 2013-2018 website design (Coriolis).


All logos are in this directory.


  • Determine primary and secondary, and other specified colors from palette
  • Wordpress theme for MMM
  • Font repository (publicly accessible?)
  • Revise branding for wikis and other websites
  • Branding sheet