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Lunar Lava Tube Robot Project

  • Find Site
  • Gain additional funding
  • Gain additional volunteers
Lunadyne says, "Our track at the next ISDC is on Lunar Lava Tubes, so that offers the opportunity to announce our field exercise if we've been able to raise the money. More likely, the ISDC is where we'll announce the KickStarter fundraiser."

Lure Students to Lunarpedia

kokhmmm says, "James, might not the wiki be a good project to have students work on? We do have a student membership class, or rather a student chapter membership class."
  • Finding people interested in adding to the wiki can increase the size of our active volunteer base

Integrated Lunar Data on Lunarpedia

  • Integrate data from multiple data sets into easy accessed, searched, and edited wiki articles
  • Status:
  • Challenges:
  • Calculations of distances from coordinates assuming an elliptical spheroid
  • Determining areas surrounding each feature
  • Presentation of Lunar Prospector and similar data on differently sized and shaped features and areas
  • Ease of revising by script
  • Integrating data sets with inconsistent names and coordinate data
  • Proper handling of LAC and LQ regions
  • Presentation of Mean Earth Polar Axis and West Pole coordinates.

Repair Solar Power Demo

  • Who has posession of it?
  • What will it cost to get it back into shape to take to shows and conferences?
  • What is needed to be able to plug it in and use it without getting into regulatory trouble?

High Priority


  • Status: provisional webmistress assigned
  • Action items:
  • Select hosting candidates, with emphasis on free hosting for non-profits
  • Select design objectives
Mobile device support
Easy maintainability
  • Select candidate CMS (Drupal? Website Director?)
  • Integrate or at least connect new site into existing back infrastructure
    as of 15 August 2012, we are not doing this. Old pages will usually be modified/merged/deleted as necessary.
  • Page count tools
  • URL for existing site if is moved to different hosting
  • Social media links
  • Solutions for meetings, including the MOO

This item is to be reported on to the Management Committee on 15 August 2012

Preliminary report: We decided to create a demonstration site on a subdomain of lunarpedia using Drupal 7. We believe that all created content and other settings can be exported en masse and installed on once other decisions have been made.

Finished items for demonstration site:

  • Set up subdomain for test site,
  • Installed Drupal 7 and several plug ins. Lacking desired module: ad.
    I'm checking with a friend who's involved in Drupal development for status.
  • Created accounts for Miros and Strangelv as administrators and Angelita as an authenticated user without contributor functions.
    The "admin" account should not be used for content creation of any kind. James also knows the password for the admin account.
  • Created "contributor" role, with abilities between authenticated user and administrator.
  • Intended progression: Users may register; their accounts become active by clicking a link in the email sent from the site. Once active, they will "apply for role" to become contributors.
    This is not fully functional. If you don't get your email or want to become a contributor, visit the MOO and ask me.
  • Currently working on custom theme and front page similar to Ken's mock up.


  • Secure entry into the Guidstar nonprofit system
pjbanyai says, "The two major requirements for Guidestar are (1)a Chairman of the Board and (2) information on at least one official program for Donors with a projected budget for how much the program costs us and the nccs tax code category. We also need every member of the Management Committee to review the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector's principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practices located at"

Revise Membership System

  • Allowances for chapter members and volunteers
  • Rework email list system?

Long Term

Resume Getting to the Moon

  • Status:
  • Pilot produced in 2007/2008
  • Interview footage from 2007 ISDC and later events
  • Challenges:
  • Transcripts of interview footage
  • Scripts on specialized topics
  • Woman narrator with a full name, credentials, and preferably a PhD

Replace the Artemis Project Reference Mission

  • Challenges:
  • Find people with (or who can develop) the needed skill sets

Find and Develop IP

  • Find existing properties that can be acquired
  • Create new properties
  • Get Moonbeams back into release and possibly print
  • Develop focus for Scientifiction/Exofiction


Artemis Magazine

  • Acquire copies of Artemis Magazine for resale, prizes, and incentives
  • Compile a 'best of' book?