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This list contains oral histories of people who have worked in the space industry. These are mostly anecdotes that experienced workers feel would benefit less experienced people and help us find our way back to the Moon.

An oral history is often a typed conversation between a person with experience and a writer.

Some of the interviewees are authors and their books are referenced.

Many are experienced space workers who do not feel they have enough material for a book, but would like to have their experience added to the general knowledge.

You can add your material anonymously, or sign it The Old Engineer.

If you are currently employed by a company or agency that restricts publication, feel free to write glowing anecdotes that will warm the hearts of any middle level manager. There is no requirement for balance. And this is a great way to blow your own horn.

National Public Radio (NPR) is currently running a major national program to collect oral histories. It is called StoryCorps and demonstrates the power of this idea.

Warning: All material submitted to a wiki should be considered to be in the public domain. Authors should not quote their copy righted work, but write a new anecdote.

Completed Histories:

  • (Your story here.)

Supporting Material:

  • The Old Engineer -- This name for the author can be used by anyone wanting to remain anonymous.