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Peter J. Schubert is a doctor of Electrical Engineering who serves on the Moon Society Board of Directors, holds dozens of patents, and is working on plasma extraction of oxygen from lunar regolith.


Dr Schubert received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1990 under a General Motors Fellowship. His Master’s degree is also in E.E., from the University of Cincinnati, performed under a Whirlpool Fellowship. His B.A. is in Physics from Washington University in St. Louis.


Dr. Schubert worked in automotive electronics for Delphi Corp. from 1984 to 2006, including assignments in advanced engineering development, work on the factory floor, and systems engineering. In 1999, he was awarded the DJA Award for Outstanding Engineering Achievement by building a supercomputer and running advanced artificial intelligence engines to optimize airbag crash sensor performance. In 2003 he was promoted to Technical Fellow, the highest level to which an engineer can advance.

In 2006, he left Delphi to join Packer Engineering as the Senior Director for Space, Energy & Education Research. He has served as PI on a DOE grant investigating hydrogen storage using porous silicon, a concept he invented. He is also PI on a newly-announced SBIR Phase I grant from NASA on a means to use plasma to extract oxygen and silicon from lunar soil.

Dr. Schubert was elected to the Board of Directors of the Moon Society on September 6, 2006. His current term expires in 2008.


Dr. Schubert has 23 US Patents granted, 8 European Patents granted, and 11 more patents pending in the US. These patents cover a wide range of technologies including: silicon device manufacture; up-integrated MEMS devices; discrimination algorithms for rollover crashes; holographic object detection; pressure and weight based occupant detection; space-based manufacturing, and in-space propulsion.


Dr. Schubert has authored 40 technical publications, including a book chapter and four archivable journal articles. His published works include topics such as artificial intelligence optimization, model-based engineering, rollover accident reconstruction, MEMS device design and operation, and systems studies of space operations.

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