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A listing of Lunarpedia's Many Purposes

Lunarpedia has many purposes. Here are some pages to help work out some of them.

Testing Big Ideas

Big Ideas for Lunapedia
What big idea will get us back to the Moon?
Show Stoppers
These are the things that are keeping us from returning to the Moon.

Building Community

We must build a community of people with a shared vision who are in action.

Know who your friends are.
Great Achievements
A Civilization is know by its great achievements.
Community Building
Community building concepts we can use.
Lunar Bill of Rights
People need to know what their rights are.
Out of the Box
Working out of the box is often evoked, never explained.
The Last Renaissance Man
Are you the last Renaissance man?
The Politics of Science Fiction
Politics and science fiction mirror image each other.
Why Communes Fail
If our lunar settlement is to survive, we must have a good business model.

Building Buy-in

We need to invite people to buy into our vision of returning to the Moon.

Buy-In Explained
What buy-in is and how do you can generate it.
Disempowering Terrorists
Buy-in is the key to terrorist recruitment.
Modular Brain Theory
What new brain science is available to us.
Meme Theory
Can we change people's deep seated ideas?

Organizing our Effort

Understanding Cascade to State Change
Why complex systems do what they do.
Can we use Serendipity?
Maybe we can get lucky.
Predicting the Future
Predicting the future is amazingly hard.
Achieving a Tipping Point
When you cross a certain point, it is down hill from there on.
Level 1 Requirements
Formally figuring out what we are doing.
What we are Not Doing
To know what you are doing, you must know what you are not doing.

Doing Some Business

A lunar settlement will succeed or fail as a business.

Business Management
Can business ideas help us?
NASA Exploration Strategy
NASA's exploration strategy and architecture.

Getting Ready

The way to do something is to start doing it.

Calgary Demonstration Habitat
Hands on practice in harsh conditions
Your Ideas Here
Yes, we mean you.