Sinus Medii

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Sinus Medii - NASA - Surveyor VI - 1967
Sinus Medii - NASA S67-08133 - Lunar Orbiter II - 1966

Translation of Name into English: Bay of the center

Center: 2.4° N 1.7° E

Diameter:335 km

This is the region at the center of the side of the Moon which faces the Earth. It is where the center of the official IAU lunar coordinates system is located, i.e. Longitude-0 on the lunar Equator.

Surveyor VI landed on the flat surface of Sinus Medii, at 1.40° W, 0.49° N, on November 10, 1967, at 01:01:05 GMT. It came to rest near a mare ridge, visible in the lunar vista above (top right).

It would be the ideal site to place a rectenna (receiving antenna) to receive microwave energy beamed down from Solar Power Satellites located at the Lunar L-1 Lagrange libration location between the Earth and the Moon.

It would also be the best site for an anchor point to attach a tether for a Skyhook extending up to the Langrange L-1 libration location between the Earth and the Moon.

Sinus Medii - NASA - LMP-1 Lunar Earthside Chart - 1976