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The Starting Place for Student Projects

Lunarpedia is happy to provide a resource for student projects about returning to the Moon.

When to use Lunarpedia Space

If is a good idea to use Lunarpedia to support your school project if:

  • It is a group project with two to five people
  • It is related in some way to the Moon

The only reason to use a Wiki for a project is to learn to do group work. Any team member can add or edit pages from any Web connection and members of the Lunarpedia community can make suggestions.

Keep in mind

Don't use this wiki if you think these are big problems for you:

  • This is a public space -- Everything can be seen by anybody in the world.
  • Keep your language clean -- This is a family wiki
  • Material can be damaged -- You must keep copies of all your information on your team member's computers.
  • Idle pages removed -- If your student project pages that have not been edited in three months, the project can be assumed dead and removed from Lunarpedia.
  • Keep anonymous -- There is no reason for you to give out your real name and email address. The Wiki structure supports all necessary exchanges in plane view.


Before starting you need to be sure you understand the task:

  • Pick a name for the project -- The name should be only a few words. It should be easy to remember and spell. It may have spaces. A Goggle search should produce only a few hits.
  • Study the assignment -- Obtain a copy of the specific assignment from your teacher and understand it.
  • Build your team -- Get your team members on board.

Learning Lunarpedia

A little practice on Lunarpedia will make you look good to your team members:

  • Practice editing -- Find the Sand box, called Regolith box here, and practice editing.
  • Register -- Fill out the registration form for at least one person on the team. You may use a pen name for the project and all team members may sign in under the same name, but only one can be signed in at a time.

Building a Work Space

You need a Wiki place for your project:

  • Name your Project List page -- Got to Student Projects List and press the Edit tab at the top. Copy and paste one of the Completed Project lines under Open Projects. Edit this copy to be the name of your project with a brief description that will mean something to the other team members. Look over your work and then press the Save button at the bottom of the edit page.
  • Make your project list page -- The name of your project page should now be in red. Click on it. This will automatically bring you to a new page that you can edit. Paste in a brief description of your project. Include a list of pages team members will be working on.

Working on a Wiki

Here is a good way to organize your work:

  • Full featured editor -- It is best to write your articles first on a full featured editor like Microsoft Word. This makes editing much easier and facilitates keeping a safety copy of the work.
  • Save your work -- Save your work to your machine as a .txt file. Waki's do not like fancy editing features.
  • Copy and Paste -- Open an edit page on Lunarpedia and paste your work into the edit box.
  • Preview -- Click the Show Preview button and look over your work. Make any small changes needed.
  • Copy Back -- When you like the work. Block out the text and copy it back to your machine to be sure you have the final version.
  • Click on Save -- Save the material to Lunarpedia. Do not forget this step!
  • Add Discussion -- Click the Discussion tab and add information for your team members on how you are progressing.

End of Project

We expect something from you too:

  • End Report -- At the end of the project, you will be expected to replace the Project List Page with a summary of your project. All other project pages may then be removed by Lunarpedia.

Good luck.

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