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Revision as of 05:22, 14 June 2007 by Strangelv (talk | contribs) (I never suggested _moving_ them)
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It is very hard to design lunar settlement buildings that use as little mass from Earth as possible and yet provide the necessary protections. This is a straw man design and I hope other people will provide alternatives.

--Jriley 11:41, 11 April 2007 (UTC)

Why is this being forked to scientifiction? If you plan on moving all fiction to that site, why does this site even exist? Essentially everything we discuss here is fiction. We're forecasting, not storytelling.

--TAlexander 19:01, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

By forking, I don't mean moving. Most of what should be completely there already has been, at least what has so far been tagged with a move tag such as {{Move2space}} or {{Move2sf}} (Things equally applicable to Mars and Luna shouldn't be tucked away in Lunarpedia or Marspedia, although there's room for and examples of articles on the same topic in different wikis with different perspectives and content; there also needs to be more interwiki linking).
At the time of our stories the living space has been expanded to a third generation with much more space and cellars with a high level of radiation shielding. These buildings are described below.
Portions of this article are specific to writing a specific group of fiction stories. Rather then simply ripping the text out of here, I believe it may be more appropriate to move that text to Scientifiction while including all necessary context for that fork (and possibly including a link to that page from here and definitely vice-versa -- the other four wikis aren't supposed to be locations of exile for quarantined topics -- they are supposed to be well-integrated, although quite a bit more work needs to be done to this end -- maybe I should stick an announcement on the main page imploring people to sign up for accounts on all five wikis).
This is also a suggestion. Please feel free to suggest other ideas.
There's also a difference between technical specifications and narrative text with events that won't happen and people who don't actually exist in our reality (illustrative examples in a technical would have no controversy, but by definition aren't as fun to read as a pure story; there has also so far been no controversy over historical essays or articles about specific works of fiction (although the only example of the latter has been here for less than 24 hours -- I could be shouted down for endorsing that any time now, although most of the shouting usually takes place in the MOO, not here).
-- Strangelv 11:15, 13 June 2007 (UTC)

I feel that this article and "People on the Moon" are both strong enough and important enough to stay in Lunarpedia. The reference to the stories does need to be up dated.

--Jriley 09:59, 14 June 2007 (UTC)

At no point have I suggested moving either article. Just forking them into two versions: one optimized for Lunarpedia and one optimized for If you prefer to instead remove the content that I was thinking of relocating, I suppose that could work too, although I believe that sf could use a specialized version of this article and especially People on the Moon, where it would be a lot less controversial (I need time to see if I can figure out anything to do about that controversy over here, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards for awhile -- there are reasons why most of my work in the wikis has been hit-and-run maintenance tasks lately). I admit that forking would take some work to do properly (work I presently lack the productive time to do), although it could be done iteratively after exporting and them importing to sf (would need a tag for that -- this article is a fork from Lunarpedia/Marspedia/Exoplatz and needs to be better differentiated from its source version?).
-- Strangelv 12:22, 14 June 2007 (UTC)