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The Calgary Space Workers (since 2004)

We are a science club that are doing lunar habitat research. Part of the research is building one on earth. We are not a secret society by definition but we strive to protect the inventions of our members if they so desire. We want all our members to feel safe to put their heart and soul into their projects without worry that someone will run off with their hard work for financial gain. The members put their whole heart and soul into these projects and they sometimes see spin-off products that could be exploited others.We encourage our members to work together as a network of friends.

Being a member is very interesting as many of these brilliant people do work in related fields of manufacturing, engineering and design No company could afford to research what we have from getting these amazing people together over a Saturday morning coffee or working session. We want members to rest assured that their ideas can make the club successful and if they choose to market them on their own, they will have that fresh start.

No timeline is shared as it is expected as giving a deadline. This could comprise safety as we get close.

Joining the Calgary Space Workers has become difficult but interesting