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Aid for Teachers supporting Student Projects

Lunarpedia is happy to provide a resource for student projects about returning to the Moon.

Lunarpedia is a Wiki

The Wiki structure on the Web is specifically designed for coordinated work efforts by a number of people. The resources here are most effective for student groups from two to five.

This process starts by the students following the instructions in Students Start Here.

Information Resource

The Lunarpedia includes a large amount of technical information related to returning to the Moon. Most of it is accessible at the High School and undergraduate college level.

This information could be used for such project topics as:

  • Compare and contrast the Plymouth and Jamestown experience with the new effort to establish a Lunar settlement.
  • Compare and contrast Russian experience in Siberia with the new effort to establish a Lunar settlement.
  • Compare and contrast early British experience in Australia with the new effort to establish a Lunar settlement.

People on the Moon

Lunarpedia features information and ideas about the human experience in space these include:

These are supported by a number of articles:

  • Story Ideas -- Stories we would like your students to write
  • Lunar Bill of Rights -- Can your students write a bill of rights for people living on the Moon?

This information could serve as a starting point for projects in creative writing, history, or political science.

Technical Management

Lunarpedia has a number of articles related to the early planning of a grand technical project. These can be found at:

  • Purposes List -- Articles about developing a mission statement for Lunarpedia.

These serve as the starting point for student projects in business management, project management, and writing mission statements.

Lunarpedia Community Support

Some times help for the students can be obtained for the asking through the discussion tab of the Student Projects List.

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