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The Open Space Society

Team FREDNET (TFX) is the only Open Source Team competing for the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Founded in September 2007, Team FREDNET is comprised of Open Source volunteers from more than 30 countries on all 6 populated continents. They seek to bring the benefits and cost savings of the Open Source methodology to the previously prohibitively expensive domains of Space Exploration and Commercialization.

The Team's mission architecture consists of a Lunar Bus carrying a Lunar Lander to lunar orbit. While in lunar orbit the spacecraft will scan the lunar surface for a heritage landing or crash site. Once located, the lander will detach, initiate descent, and soft-land on the lunar surface. The lander will then deploy a small robotic roving vehicle. The rover is designed to travel a minimum of 500 meters across the lunar regolith while sending back streaming HD video and images to the lander, which in turn shall compress and relay those images to ground stations on Earth.

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