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Featured article: Helium

He-3 T620 01.svg

Helium is a component of the solar wind, and hence is one of the volatiles found (in parts per million level) in Lunar regolith. It is a Noble gas in group 18 and is the second element in the Periodic Table of the Elements. This element has two stable isotopes: 3 and 4.

Helium 3 is a rare isotope of the element Helium, consisting of a nucleus with two protons and one neutron.

It has been proposed that 3He might be a possible fuel for a Nuclear Fusion reactor to produce energy using the thermo-nuclear reaction (Deuterium-Helium-3):

2H + 3He --> 4He + 1H+

This reaction has the advantage over the more-commonly proposed Deuterium-Tritium fusion reaction...(read more)

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