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This is the template documentation page {{#if:yes|yes|for Template:Tlx/doc.}}

This page is not necessarily intended to be viewed directly. If it uses variables, some links may appear broken. Do not replace these variables with hardcoded page names or URLs.

Template:- Template:Interwikitmp-grp


Purpose and naming: Mnemonically 'Template list expanded'... after Template:Tlx Template list'

  • This template takes another template-name and some associated pipe-tricked (numbered) parameters (or 'pass parameters'), and aggregates them into an 'example demonstration' of how the template-name template might be used. It's primary use is in instruction and documentation such as this passage.
  • Up to five pass parameters (numbered) for the specified template are displayed as 'placeholders', and more parameters are shown as "|...", for details see the this talk page.

  • If given no additional parameters except  'template name' ({{{1}}}),  it presents the same as the similar Template:Tl macro template -- a blue link nested in curly-braces-- the same as a user would apply the template without parameters, but with a noticably clearer font and spacing on most modern browsers.
  • Comparatively, Template:Tlx will not take or display additional parameters, and for minor technical reasons, may preferred for mere listing and referencing in long pages involving a lot of template expansions1.
  • Additionally, Tlx will take a 'named' parameter 'SISTER' to link interwiki to other sister projects such as one of these examples: '|SISTER=W:', 'Tlx|SISTER=M:', 'Tlx|SISTER=Q:', 'Tlx|SISTER=S:', allowing documentation or discourse about a template across interwiki boundaries. Small 'front end' Shell or convience templates Template:Tlx and Template:Tlx are typing-aid templates available at Meta for automatic substitution in discussions about templates on Wikipedia or Meta.

This usage also applies to interwiki capable template variations
  1. Template:Tl -- which links to templates on Wikimedia Commons (The Commons).
  2. Template:Tl -- which links to templates on Meta
  3. Template:Tl -- which links to templates on Wikipedia


{{Tlx/doc}} is a generalization of Template:Tlxw, Template:Tlxw, etcetera with arguably better readable output. This depends on the browser, but too narrow uses of "{", "|", "}" in conjunction with links can be hard to read. {{#ifeq:Tlx/doc|Tlx/doc||


{{Tlx/doc|template name}}
{{Tlx/doc|template name|param}}
{{Tlx/doc|template name|1|2|3}}
{{Tlx/doc|template name|1|2|3&#124;more}}
{{Tlx/doc|template name|param&#61;value}}

Up to three placeholders for parameters of the specified template}}


{{#ifeq:Lunarpedia|Wikipedia|| {{#ifeq:Lunarpedia|Meta||

On the source sister projects, en.wikipedia and Meta, X0, X1, X2,..., X9 are sandbox templates for experimentation on involved templates that need be in template space. An auto-cleansing software facility exists that might be used to duplicate the facility on other Sister projects.


Code Result Remark
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx  
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx  
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx  
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx  
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx up to 5 parameters, then ...
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx &#124; for more
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx = won't work
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx &#61; is okay
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx sticky nowiki is okay
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx empty won't work
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx &#32; is okay
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx &nbsp; is okay
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx &#124; is okay
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx Template:Tlx is dubious
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx empty really doesn't work
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx two clobbers 2=one
Template:Tlx Template:Tlx right to left okay