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Nss-logo 43x43.jpg A former director of the National Space Society.

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Moonsociety-weblogo 43x43.jpg This user is a past director of the Moon Society.

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Hello, this is Charles Radley.

I have been working on lunar development for 40 years.

In 1968 I read about Solar Power Satellites and said ... Yes, this is THE solution. In 1976 I read about Gerard O'Neill so in 1977 I read the High Frontier, and said, yes, finally a plan which makes sense. In the last 30 years I have not heard a better plan, so I am continuing to work on the original O'Neill vision. I joined the original L-5 Society in 1979.

I have an extensive track record in NSS, L-5, AIAA and many other organizations.

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics made me an Associate Fellow of their prestigious society, primarily because of my contributions in revitalizing their Venture Pacific Section, as well as my professional record.

  • Began posting to the usenet* newsgroups in 1989.
  • Was a regional director of the National Space Society (NSS) from 1994-5 and
  • I operated an NSS BSS on fidonet from 1990 through 1992
  • I have been active in the following NSS Chapters: Ventura County (CA), Cuyahoga Valley Space

Society (OH), Oregon-L5; as well as active in the California Space Development Council and Midwest Space Development Corporation. ---

  • My professional background includes B.S. Physics, M.S. Systems Engineering, 10+ years aerospace experience.
  • Was a part time technical consultant for Transorbital Corporation, the first private company licensed by the U.S. government to explore and land on the moon.
  • Was a member of the subcontractor teams for the Galileo and Magellan space probes, the International Space Station, Spacelab-MSL-1 and several communications satellite projects.
  • I am an EIT Engineer in Training registered in the State of California


Implementing software safety in the NASA environment

Software safety progress in NASA

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My resume: |

Email: CFRJLR (the_at-symbol) gmail (period) com (that is also my MSN ID)

AOL Instant Messenger id = CFRJLR


Yahoo Instant Messenger id = CFRJLR

Telephone/fax +1-503-579-4686

I have Vonage Voip, so can telephone free to USA, Canada, some of Western Europe. I live on West Coast of USA (Pacific Time Zone), please do not call after 9pm my time, thanks.

I have a Sprint/Nextel Wireless cell phone, in-network calling is free, email me for the number.