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James Rogers
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Public Relations Director
The Moon Society

Father of one.
Gardener, chef, tinkerer, HAM Radio operator, amateur geologist (rock collector), Nerd and general handyman.
My Myers-Briggs Personality type ENTJ

Currently enrolled in a University Transfer Program for Mathematics and Engineering.
Prospective degree: Bachelor. Aerospace Engineering/Astronautix.

Lunar Interests

If it is done every day down here, it can also be done up there.

Brew.png This user prefers non-domestic brew.

Human Waste Reclamation as a basis for Agriculture and Manufacturing.

  • Urine, feces, flakes of skin, toenails, hair, and other bodily fluids can provide a wealth of bio-materials with a minimum of processing. Reclamation of water is also necessary.
  • Passive sterilization by exposure to outside radiation.

Lunar Geology and Resources.

Chemistry as a means of ISRU and Manufacturing.

Biochemistry as a means of ISRU and Manufacturing.

  • Biochemistry will allow us to process and utilize our own biological waste as well as make use of other organisms.
    • Examples:
      • Ammonia fertilizer from urine and fecal fluids.
      • Beer in a sintered cup sheathed in soy plastic.

Mars Interests

More. MORE!

The knowledge, it fills me. It is NEAT....

Current Projects

  • Cataloging local insect pollinators which do not depend on magnetic fields for navigation
  • Taming the spam in the Moon Society email system
  • Sintered Regolith article

email/AIM - jarogers2001 (the_at-symbol) aim (period) com