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Is it spam?

I consider the contributions of user:EddyoucylleqjkvjsedlgedsfpudnddndcydppzGrboyan to be spam but I wanted to check with others before deleting them as such. Instructions in how to get to USENET might be suitable content but the advertisement of the particular provider does not seem to me to be what we should accept. If I get no response on this in a couple of days I will block the user and delete the contributions. - Farred 19:00, 2 June 2012 (UTC)

I could say about the same for USER:ClydedwvhekqvehxdlpriyazlhirmglstdenxbazSaro, but I have already deleted the article as off topic. I do not know if it justifies a block, but I doubt the block would be necessary because this sort of user is usually an account used only once. - Farred 19:36, 2 June 2012 (UTC)

Yes, Spam!

It is advertisment for a Usenet forums. Please delete these 3 contributions.--Jose Giraldez 23:06, 2 June 2012 (UTC)

WHUMP is still an alpha

The bot named WHUMP should not be taken as any sort of definitive view of an article's suitability. I've tried to make sure that it errs on the side of safety so as to minimize collateral damage (after all, it bans as well as deletes). EddyoucylleqjkvjsedlgedsfpudnddndcydppzGrboyan is also obviously fitting the pattern of one attacker's name generation system. Right now all I have in place to detect these is to check the length of an account's name and add to the score of every post the account makes. The fewer articles posted with that account the lower the chances of one of the articles scoring high enough to get them all deleted and the account banned. WHUMP is a bit more successful on LPedia than on the space development wikis as it's optimized to take out a single attacker that isn't hitting Lunarpedia, et al. the way that LPedia and Exoplatz have been hammered. I probably need to give up on updating Exoplatz and attempt to restor0e it to its previous form now that I finally have the tools to clean it up in bulk.

I stopped hesitating to delete and block accounts of systematic attackers a long time ago. Especially since they just create another garbage account to put more garbage on our sites -- and I wish I could block them the same way we can attackers that don't bother to create accounts first. I've also just now run a self-running version of BWABOM -- a script I wrote to block IPs on multiple wikis so that the same botnet zombies can't hit us again on another wiki until they get a different IP. If you click on the show bots link on recent changes you'll be able to see how much activity they've been doing -- although right now only WHUMP is able to run on an ongoing basis. BWABOM2 needs to have a list of IPs edited into its source code at present.

-- Strangelv 08:07, 3 June 2012 (UTC)