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Near (Mid)-Term Business Plan Summary

How to Start a New Lunar Business Plan

You can add a plan.

Setting Up a new plan

Start in the Business Plans List and think of a name for the idea; something short, one or two words that are easy to guess and easy to remember. This will serve as the idea’s reference name. Enter Edit and add the Reference Name into the Business Plans List as a link with a short description. You may put it wherever you think it fits. After you finish, save the page and the reference name should appear in red.

Alternatively, you can use one of the ideas already provided on this list, already shown in red.

Click on the red entry to take you to the new entry edit form. Follow these guidelines to write the business plan for your idea using whatever editor you like. You may choose to cut and paste this form into your editor as a starting place. This outline is only a suggestion; feel free to modify it to suit your business practices.

Top of the Page

Near the top enter the full title of your idea. This is usually two lines with a descriptive title for the first line and the second line: “Near-Term Business Plan Summary” or a reference to another scenario.

Include the following warning near the top of the Page:

Warning – Do not include proprietary information in this document.


Describe what your idea is about in one clear paragraph.

State if your idea is under the Near-Term Business Scenario, Mid-Term Business Scenario, or a scenario you propose.

Why this Idea will work

State all the good reasons this idea will make money. This entry can be up to one full page. You may think of it as a sales pitch.

Technical Details

Here is where you need to really get into the nitty-gritty. Describe how your plan to do it. How will you get your product or service to market? Why do people on the Moon have an advantage in this field? Include links to other Lunarpedia articles and provide outside references to Internet URL’s.

Financial Details

How much money will this idea make? How much will it cost? How much capital will you need to get started?

Some business plans may be supported by a short Excel spreadsheets. For other plans the best you may be able to do at this time is to say To Be Determined (TBD).

A proper business plan must include much detailed financial analysis. This level of detailed information is however proprietary to the persons presenting the plan and their financial backers. For this reason only a financial summary should be include in Lunarpedia business plans.

Truth to Investors

We need to point out the weak points of the idea to be honest with potential investors. You can phrase these in terms of challenges to be over come.

Strong Finish

End with a strong "can do" statement.

Return to Business Plans List.

When you are done, place an entry in the Discussion Tab. Why you thought this was a good enough idea to write up. Include an electronic signature.