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Bryce Walden is a science-fiction fan, a space enthusiast, and a long-standing member and one of the originators of the Oregon L5 Society Research Team. He started college at Purdue University as an Aerospace Engineering major, then graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. Special interests include Abnormal Psychology, Educational Psychology, Human Factors Engineering, Consciousness and Perception, Advertising and Public Relations, and General Semantics (non-Aristotelianism). He left graduate school after one semester to create and manage a small business, "The Nexial Shop". His brother has a Masters in Geology from Michigan State and as Bryce continued to work on planetary bases he has become self-taught in several specialty areas of planetary geology, especially the formation and morphology of lavatube caves, to which he was introduced by his brother. He continues to actively educate himself on items of space interest, most recently exploring some ideas regarding offworld economy. He was part of the team that worked under contract to NASA for Site Characterization and Phase One Development Plan for the Oregon Moonbase (1990) and under contract from Rockwell for Field Testing of an Outpost Servicing and Construction Robot (OSCR), at the Oregon Moonbase site in central Oregon. He was also on the team that presented several lunar lavatube base scenarios to Lockheed at their request as part of a NASA contract there. He is primary or co-author of papers published by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Journal of Lunar Exploration and Development, and American Society of Civil Engineers. He presented at Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century (Houston, 1988), Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference XXII, several Space & Robotics XX Conferences, and the World Space Congress. He originated and promotes his proposal to move the Lunar Prime Meridian to bisect Mare Orientale. In 2007 he entered virtual space at Second Life ( and works there to educate and visualize space base concepts and activities.