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Welcome to Lunarpedia!

Groundbreaking began on the evening of 12 September 2006 and things are still in an early stage of development. The goal is to cover everything we will need to know how to do on Luna to set up colonies, as well as related efforts, designs, and business models that may eventually lead there.

You can help! Click here to create your account -- or donate your content anonymously (at least for the time being).

Lunarpedia:Outline draft -- Peter Kokh presented us with this and we think it's a good start on a framework for Lunarpedia. Please take a look through it and add anything we may have left out. Keep in mind that some subjects will have considerable overlaps with others. If you can think of a way of charting those overlaps we'd love to hear from you.

NOTICE: All articles in the main namespace are released to the Public Domain and may be used for any purpose without entangling restrictions. DO NOT add any content to these pages that you do not wish to release to the public domain and/or lack the authority to release to the public domain.

Articles controlled by the GNU FDL should be imported with full revision histories to the GFDL: namespace. For example, the [[Crater chain]] article from Wikipedia would need to be implemented as [[GFDL:Crater chain]] here.

Articles meant to require attribution to Lunarpedia.org under the terms of Creative Commons must be placed in the CC_Lunar: namespace (for example, [[CC Lunar:Crater chain]]

Interactive map proposals
Sample interactive map region centered around 30°N at 075° for the depreciated Region62 proposal. It has been superceded by Sector290.

List of needed lists of needed articles

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