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Multiple Lunar Map proposals are currently being formulated. It would be good to have a decision before public announcement of Lunarpedia.

Mean Earth Prime Meridan Region62 Proposal

Region62 interactive map currently lacks two important regions: 90N and 90S.

Mean Earth Region62 Map: this is the initial reference proposal. It subdivides the Lunar sulface into 62 regions based on the commonly used Mean Earth prime meridan. The reference region article is 30N075.

Pros include its simplicity and the ease of moving from one region to another.

Cons include its artificiality and the cons of using the Mean Earth prime meridan.

Mare Orientale Prime Meridan Proposal

This could take the form of a variant of Region62 or could be combined with a different proposal.

Read here for more information.


Sector266, sans 50 polar sectors

Sector 266 is a model with 264 pseudo-rectangular sectors and two polar sectors. The articles are intended to be generated by a script.

Natural Boundary Proposal

This proposal would have a set of regions defined by natural bountaries whenever possible.

Township Proposal

This would break up Luna according to the methods of the The Public Land Survey System.

Additional Proposals

Please edit this page and add your ideas here.