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The 1990 Augustine Commission Report, headed by Norman R Augustine, recommended changes to NASA after the loss of the space shuttle Challenger.

The report recommendations included the following:

  • making science the top priority
  • a long-term goal of human exploration of Mars, preceded by a modified Space Station which emphasizes life-sciences, an exploration base on the moon, and robotic precursors to Mars
  • significantly expanded technology development, focusing on engines and a robust space transportation system
  • Space Shuttle missions be phased over to a new unmanned (heavy-lift) launch vehicle except for mission where human involvement is essential
  • a personnel module be provided, as planned, for emergency return from Space Station Freedom, and that initial provisions be made for two-way missions in the event of unavailability of the Space Shuttle
  • place the Mission from Planet Earth on a "go-as-you-pay" basis
  • NASA personnel management changes, including potentially switching the centers to Federally Funded R and D centers managed like JPL

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