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The Calgary Space Workers are Building a Habitat that is to simulate what would be needed to live on the moon

A demonstrator of what a moon habitat interior will need for equipment is what we are doing here. This is a demonstrator of what would be the hard shell headquarters or power distribution plant.

From the trailer a corridor will be built as an inflatable or sectional with materials from the moon’s surface.

Our members will assist each other to build their own inflatable or sectional habitats in a series of design possibilities.

All will be connected for a common commute amongst each other and the hard shell habitat.

All connected habitats will be provided life support, Earth to moon communication power distribution and a hard shell refuge in a crisis.

A shell can be made of anything (a pressure vessel or tank in our case a trailer) but it is the interior that has the equipment that that would support life. This is a space or moon habitat.

Remember the three steps



Working Model

You see it is a place to start so we have a place to go. The future in space is so close that it is not even beyond the ability of technology used on earth today.

It is a matter of only putting them together as needed and not necessarily as they are used now but it is not rocket science anymore

Michael Bakk Captain, Calgary Space Workers Society []

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