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This article is part of the Controversial Question Series. Its purpose is not to come to final answers or even to reach a consensus. It is simply to explore the breadth of opinion in the space development community. You can help Lunarpedia by participating in the exploration (or roasting) of this question or proposal.

This question has been resolved. This page is retained primarily for historical purposes.

Should we have fiction on Lunarpedia?

Controversial Question:

Should we host fictional stories on Lunarpedia?

Pro Fiction:

The purpose of these stories is to provide normal people with a clear vision of success for settlement of the Moon. They serve the purpose of Lunarpedia very well and should stay.

Con Fiction:

Lunarpedia is in a Web based encyclopedia format. People expect to come here to find reliable information. Fiction is simply out of place. The stories should be moved to a more appropriate wiki.


We now have five wikis, one of which is dedicated to fiction: There are questions of how to organize, but they are best addressed there.

The purpose of these controversial questions is not to come to finial answers or even to reach consensuses. It is simply to explore the breath of opinion in the Lunarpedia community.

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