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In situ availability: unavailable
Atomic number: 87
Atomic mass: [223]
group: 1
period: 7
normal phase: Solid
series: Alkali metals
density: 1.87 g/cm3
melting point:
boiling point:
Rn ← Fr → Ra
Atomic radius (pm):
Bohr radius (pm):
Covalent radius (pm):
Van der Waals radius (pm):
ionic radius (pm): -
1st ion potential (eV): -
Electron Configuration
2s2 2p6
3s2 3p6 3d10
4s2 4p6 4d10 4f14
5s2 5p6 5d10
6s2 6p6
Electrons Per Shell
2, 8, 18, 32, 18, 8, 1
Electronegativity: 0.7
Electron Affinity: 0.46
Oxidation states: 1
Magnetism: ?
Crystal structure: Body centered cubic

Francium is a Alkali metal in group 1. It has a Body centered cubic crystalline structure. It does not have any isotopes considered to be natural. Its longest-lived known isotope has an atomic number of 223. This element has no stable isotopes.

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