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The science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of the worlds resources and the management of state income and expenditures in terms of money. Money is the accepted common medium of exchange for goods and services in the marketplace that functions as the unit of account, a means of deferred payment and a store of value. Economics utilizes resources in the most efficient manner, using the minimum of time or resources necessary for effectiveness. The 5 main concepts of economics are scarcity, nothing is free, factors of production, 3 basic questions (what, how, for whom), and the scope of economics (describe, analyze, explain, predict).


Type I

Single Planetary Civilization

A civilization that is able to harness all of the power available on a single planet. Civilization is to begin the heavy use of ocean thermal energy conversion, wind turbines and tidal power to obtain the energy received by Earth's oceans from the Sun. However there is no known way to successfully utilize the full potential of Earth's energy production without complete coating of the surface with man made structures. Near space colonization begins. Colonization is the act where life forms move into a distant area where their kind is sparse or not yet existing at all and set up new settlements in the area. Colonization applies to all life forms. People immigrating en masse to one relatively uninhabited location and expanding their civilization into this area. Near space industry, Asteroid mining, and Planet Mining for fuels and energy. First Interstellar travel. Interstellar space travel is unmanned or manned travel between stars. Increasing levels of technology. Increasing levels of space exploration. Space based energy sources increase. Off world civilization centers increase. Increasing energy usage and increasing area of habitation. Decreasing levels of centrality. Societies and civilizations increasingly are not the same, due to time differences breaking single social bonds.

Type 1 to Type 2 Transition

Stress caused by the size of the civilization can fragment it into multiple planetary civilizations.

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